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Higher Education For Self Reliance
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Higher Education For Self Reliance
Category: Working papers
Author: Joel Samoff  |  Editor: Joel Samoff
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ISBN-13: 23122
Publication date: 2019
Pages: 40
The 50th anniversary of the perceptive and critical analysis produced in the 1960s, Education for Self-Reliance (ESR), stimulates both a celebration and a challenge.1 The celebration is the enduring power of Julius Nyerere’s insights, articulated in ESR and other papers and speeches. Nyerere set the pace for Africa in the 1960s, and in important ways, his focus and thinking continue to do so today. The challenge is to use those insights not only to look back—to explore what went wrong—but also to look forward—to explore the continuing and new obstacles to the desired future. In the 21st century, the task is not to hunt for villains, but to make education liberating.2

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