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Educating Tanzanian Children
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Educating Tanzanian Children
Category: Working papers
Author: Pro. Suleman Sumra  |  Editor: Pro.Suleman Sumra
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ISBN-13: 2323
Publication date: 2019
Pages: 28
There is an almost universal acceptance that education plays a central role in personal and national development. That is why governments, even in the poorest countries, spend a substantial portion of their budget on education. Similarly, parents even those with least means, save and spend to ensure their children are educated. Policymakers around the world are preoccupied with ensuring to use education to equip their citizens with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their full potential, contribute to an increasingly interconnected world, and ultimately convert better skills into better lives. Highly educated people with skills are more likely to be employed and earn a higher income than those with lower levels of education. Since gaining independence, the Tanzanian leadership has prioritised education in national policies, plans and resource allocation.

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