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Impact of Implementation of Fee Free
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Impact of Implementation of Fee Free
Category: Reports
Author: HakiElimu  |  Editor: John Kalage
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ISBN-13: 22222222
Publication date: 2017
Pages: 24
The government of Tanzania is now implementing the 2014 Education and Training Policy (ETP), which, among other things, it has through the Government Circular Number 5 of 2015 committed to provide “Fee- Free Basic Education”. Initially, fee-free education targeted primary schools as an effort to expand school access for all primary school-age children. The recently established circular has extended the provision of fee-free education to ordinary secondary schools. The introduction and implementation of fee-free basic education policy aims at freeing families from any school fees and contributions for children in pre-primary, primary and ordinary level secondary schools. This means that basic education financing will be done by the government through capitation and development grants where all schools will get 100% of capitation requirements for procurement of learning and teaching materials, payments of school bills, and schools’ infrastructure. The circular number 5 seemed to be misinterpreted in terms of whose responsibility because parents seemed to withdraw from any school related expense. As a result, the government issued the Government Circular Number 6 of 2015, which was later replaced by the Government Circular Number 3 of 2016, which further clarified the responsibilities of each education stakeholders including parents. Among others, the circular assigned parents to share cost responsibilities in terms of school uniform and sports gears, learning materials including exercise books and pens/pencils, and food cost for day student.

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