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The Impact of HakiElimu's Advocacy Work
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The Impact of HakiElimu's Advocacy Work
Category: Working papers
Author: Ruth & Rosie  |  Editor: Ruth and Rosie
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ISBN-13: 33444
Publication date: 2013
Pages: 50
HakiElimu – “right to education” in Kiswahili – is a Tanzanian organization that works for “an open, just and democratic Tanzania, where all people enjoy the right to education that promotes equity, creativity, and critical thinking.” Established in 2001, it deploys a wide range of activities to address a broad set of issues related to governance, accountability, and education. HakiElimu’s focus on education, on one hand, reflects the inherent importance of education in a country at Tanzania’s level of development, as well as Tanzania’s political history. Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere, the first post-colonial President of Tanzania and founder of the ruling party, Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM), became known around the world for his pioneering commitment to education as a means of liberation.2 On the other hand, to understand HakiElimu one needs to understand advocacy on education policy, budget, and performance as a way into the more politically challenging and contentious advocacy arena of governance, accountability, and democratization.

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