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10Years HakiElimu
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10Years HakiElimu
Category: Books
Author: HakiElimu  |  Editor: Elizabeth Missokia
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ISBN-13: 122121211
Publication date: 2011
Pages: 32
HakiElimu means “education right” in Kiswahili, the national language of Tanzania. Founded in 2001, HakiElimu takes a human rights-based approach to education, emphasizing equity in both access and quality of education. HakiElimu’s strategy revolves around: Facilitating communities’ engagement in transforming schools and infl uencing policy making, Stimulating imaginative public dialogue, and Organizing for change. HakiElimu conducts critical research, policy analysis, and advocacy and collaborates with a diverse set of partners and networks to advance common interests and social justice in Tanzania. HakiElimu’s activities are conceptualized and carried out by its four program units: Media, Information Access, Citizen Engagement, and Policy Analysis and Advocacy.

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