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Who decides what our children to learn
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Who decides what our children to learn
Category: Reports
Author: HakiElimu  |  Editor: HakiElimu
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ISBN-13: 33333
Publication date: 2011
Pages: 45
For the past two decades, parents, the Government, the private sector and civil society organisations have been complaining over the decline in the quality of education in Tanzania.  ere are two criteria that are used to measure the quality of education. Firstly, scholars analyse student pass rates on basic skills such as literacy, and numeracy (addition and subtraction). Secondly, scholars also analyse the students’ ability to secure employment and use the knowledge they got from school to cope with exiting challenges. It is these theories that guide many individuals’ expectations when they enroll their children in school. However, what underlies the provision of quality education is the quality of the curriculum as well as the quality of means, strategies and methdologies to implement the curriculum. If the curriculum is poor, the quality of education being provided shall also be poor. Even the teachers who implement the curriculum will € nd it hard to translate it into the reality on the ground so as to live up to the expectations of the people. It was the desire to understand the state of the curriculum in Tanzania and its relation to provision of quality education that drove HakiElimu to undertake a major research on the relationship between the quality of the curriculum and provision of quality education in 2010.

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