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Are Our Taxes Redirected to Education?
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Are Our Taxes Redirected to Education?
Category: Briefs
Author: Godfrey Boniventura  |  Editor: Elizabeth Missokia
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ISBN-13: 978-9987-18-024-0
Publication date: 2011
Pages: 24
Economic and social development of any country largely depends on how the government of that particular country becomes socially accountable by putting in place development plans that focus on the needs of its citizens. For the plans to focus on people’s needs, the government must involve citizens in identifying problems facing the society, and finding appropriate ways of solving such problems. Proper plans may not bring about the needed change in development if the budget management is not effective, and if supervisors of the plans fail to wisely use the budget funds to effectively implement objectives set forth, or allocate a budget that does reflect the actual plans.

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