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Annual Report 2010
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Annual Report 2010
Category: Annual Report
Author: HakiElimu  |  Editor: Elizabeth Missokia
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ISBN-13: 1821-5017
Publication date: 2010
Pages: 69
HakiElimu’s vision and mission is of a democratic transformation of education and society in Tanzania. The challenge of this in terms of annual reporting is that transformative results are not achieved in convenient annual time slots, and do not necessarily, or solely, show up in terms of improvements in routine education sector indicators of enrolment, completion and so on. Implicitly, the focus is on changing attitudes and behavior of key stakeholders – for example, of ordinary citizens to demand the kinds of schools and education system to which they are entitled, of civil servants to deliver services accountably and transparently, and of the media to inform citizens about issues of local and national interest. Measuring such changes is notoriously difficult.

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