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Annual Report 2002
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Annual Report 2002
Category: Annual Report
Author: HakiElimu  |  Editor: Rakesh Rajani
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ISBN-13: 222
Publication date: 2002
Pages: 36
HakiElimu’s mission is to transform schooling and society in Tanzania by promoting public participation in the governance of education. This mission is based on a vision of Tanzania in which all children – without discrimination – are able to access quality schools where rights are respected and where students can learn to be creative, analytical and active citizens of society. HakiElimu was founded in early 2001 and commenced its work in September of the same year. During the first six months limited program activities were implemented and greater attention was focused on recruiting initial staff and establishing basic systems. This first Annual Report covers the period September 2001 to December 2002. The narrative report is divided into five sections. The first three provide an account of HakiElimu’s programs in Community Governance, Public Engagement, and Policy Analysis and Advocacy. Each of these outlines achievements and challenges, and analyses lessons learned. Section 4 provides a brief account of the status of organizational development and management, including issues related to staffing, governance, administration, finance, planning, monitoring and evaluation.

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