HakiElimu’s three program units are supported by two supporting units to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of programs through monitoring and evaluation.

Media And Advocacy (MA)

The purpose of Media and Advocacy Unit is to facilitate availability of reliable and evidence-based information through electronic, social and print media; and stimulate debate through creative and provocative advocacy materials and information.

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Research And Policy Analysis (RPA)

The purpose of Research and Policy Analysis Unit is to conduct rigorous analytical research, policy and budget analysis, advocacy, strategic and effective engagement at the policy level.

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Community Engagement And Action (CEA)

The purpose of Community Engagement and Action Unit is to facilitate and enable a diverse group of citizens and Friends of Education to access information, to demand for transparency and good governance; monitor implementation of policy and education programmes; organise for active participation and bring about sustainable change in democracy and education.

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Finance And Administration (FA)

Finance and Administration Unit works efficiently and effectively in management of HakiElimu’s funds. FA manages the Systems and Human Resources sub-units for quality service delivery, credibility, transparency and accountability.

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Strategic Direction And Leadership (SDL)

SDL unit strives to provide strategic directions, leadership and technical assistance for effective implementation of the programme strategy, transparency and accountability. SDL facilitates advocacy and lobbying to support policies and related issues in education and democracy.

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