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Friends of Education Movement

What is the Friends of Education Movement?

The Friends of Education Movement is a movement of concerned individuals and organisations throughout Tanzania who want to improve and make a difference in the education sector.

The Friends of Education Movement aims at providing a forum for people throughout Tanzania who care about education and who want to share their views and concerns on matters pertaining to improvement of education and democracy in the country. This Movement is anticipated to contribute towards transforming schools to provide quality education for all.

Who can become a Friend of Education?

Anyone and everyone can become a Friend of Education (or simply Friend)! You can be young or old, male or female, in or out of school. In addition to individuals, we also welcome applications from groups and associations. Pupils, parents, teachers, CBOs, NGOs, people with disabilities, can become Friends of Education! There are no restrictions.

Why Should I Join?

Becoming a Friend of Education will give you a chance to be informed on education issues and you will be connected with people who care about education. The Movement will enable you to channel your views and concerns to the relevant education authorities and you will also be able to share ideas and experiences with other people with similar interests so that you can learn from one another. This exercise will promote opportunities for you to work together to promote the right of every child to enjoy basic quality education.

What is my role as a Friend of Education?

Your role is to effect changes in education in your community. There are many ways you can do this. For example:

  • Join other Friends of Education in your area
  • Talk to your local school committee and/or teachers
  • Ask pupils or your children about their school, for example ask them questions about their experiences, what problems they have, what they like about school
  • Contact organizations working on education in your area
  • Request materials and share them with others in your community
  • Facilitate discussions, debates and public forums at local level to discuss issues in education and democracy and the way forward
  • Monitor policy implementation and its impact and provide feedback to authorities and other education stakeholders

If you have any other examples please send them to HakiElimu and we will share them with other Friends of Education.

What Will HakiElimu do for me?

HakiElimu is just a facilitator of this Movement. The responsibility of leading this Movement and improving local education is yours! The strength of the Movement depends on you! On our part we commit ourselves to:

  • Link you with others in the Friends of Education Movement
  • Provide you with relevant and up to date information on education issues
  • Forward your letters to the relevant authorities
  • Provide you with our publications and other pertinent information
  • Try our best to respond to your questions

How do I Join?

To become a Friend of Education is free! Joining is easy. Fill out the membership form.
HakiElimu will acknowledge receipt of the completed form, confirm your participation, and send you a Friends of Education kit within 2 weeks of receiving your application.