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HakiElimu strives to realize its mission by giving people the tools with which to take action. Our goal is to illuminate people with knowledge through our publications and inspiration from our various media spots, to engage themselves and make a difference in education and democracy in Tanzania. What can you do to make a difference in education and democracy in Tanzania?

Be Informed
Stay on top of education and governance issues in Tanzania. Read newspapers, reports and publications and tune in to local media, such as radio and television, to learn about current issues.

Speak Up
Talk to your family, friends and neighbors about issues you think are important. Debate, challenge existing norms, listen, and be challenged yourself.

Write Letters
Write letters to editors for newspapers and share your concerns with the government at all levels.

Become a Friend of Education
Receive our publications, connect with other Friends, and join a united movement that is concerned with advancing education in Tanzania.



Competition Question

Should the education budget allocation for 2014/15 be higher than the allocated amounts for the other sectors?